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Since our establishment, MRLC Search has gained wide attention in the media for our variety of recruitment services. We’ve made a name for ourselves as one of the best staffing companies in the United States. Read on to learn more about our endeavors and how we can help you.

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Service Options


Offers complete, full-service searches with a dedicated project team assigned to your search until it is complete.  Our retained search option is used at executive levels and "key person" searches where there is a critical high level need that must be filled in a short period of time.


May be used for one or multiple openings at low to mid-level positions when a particular profile is constant and sense of urgency is low to medium. No exclusivity of candidates is offered with this search method.  The terms and conditions are payment due upon start date of the candidate.


Is a blend of the Retained and Contingency Options.  It is best utilized for mid to high-level positions which must be filled in a timely period and require thorough, professional representation in the marketplace. A project team will work with you until the position is filled.

Working Together

Comprehensive Search Process

The best companies have teams of people that work so well together, they improve and even inspire each other to reach new levels of achievement. We work with our clients much the same way, as part of a team that is committed to finding and hiring the right people at the pace your business demands.

This is all accomplished in large part by using our Accelerated Recruitment™ approach. A proprietary approach that is a combination of our streamlined recruiting methodology and the knowledge of our industry experts, customized to help you target the next impact player for your team.

This approach includes providing the right amount of collaboration, research and intuition needed to deliver a few well-chosen candidates, instead of a mass of untested resumes. And we provide our services with the kind of professionalism and accountability that you would expect from a team member.

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Industry Expertise

Specializing in the following areas:

  • Mining & Refineries

  • Manufacturing

  • Capital Equipment

  • Material Handling & Equipment

  • Stamping & Fabrication

  • Plastics

Successfully completed searches for:

  • C- Level Executives

  • Sales & Sales Management

  • Engineering

  • Service Technicians

Our Industries of Expertise

Excellence and Success

Job Interview
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Employment Job Placement Services

Your decision to change careers can affect every dimension of your life. That's why our recruiters spend time getting to know you, your needs and your goals. After that, our recruiters - who often have worked in their focus areas - focus on using their experience and expertise to connect you with the leading companies in your industry. 

ARE YOU AN IMPACT PLAYER? You know, the kind of employee who does their job and then some?

Focusing on placing executives, managers and professionals in key positions, every day we work to place the right candidate in the right position with the right company. More than that, we seek out the impact players - that 20% of candidates that make a real impact on business - and introduce them to the companies that will value their abilities, energy and passion. If you're an impact player, we're ready to help you make your next career move.

Career Planning Services

Here at MRLC Search 

we offer the following assistance to help you maximize your career potential:

  • Career Planning. We help you achieve both your personal and professional goals.

  • Confidentiality & Protecting your privacy. Your job search needs to be confidential. Protecting your privacy is one of our top priorities.

  • Resume Tips. Create a winning resume. What to put in, what to leave out.

  • Interviewing. Prepare for the interview. What to ask, what you may be asked.

  • Interviewing Do's and Don'ts. A checklist to help you succeed in the interview.

  • Resigning Gracefully. Resign from your current job without burning bridges.

  • Counter-offers. Counter-offers can be flattering, but are they in your best interest?

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